5.1 Ch Remote Kit With USB + BLUETOOTH Audio

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1) 6 channels independent electronic volume (0 to –99dB/1dBstep, –∞dB),

2) 6 channels independent gain control (0 to +14dB/ 2dB step),

3) Bass: –14 to + 14dB(2dB step),

4) Treble: –14 to + 14dB(2dB step)

5) 1 x 6Ch - DVD Input,

6) 3 x 2Ch - Stereo Inputs,

7) Built-in Low Pass Filter for Subwoofer Frequency,

8) Built-in Simulate Surround Sound,

10) Memery Function MOD1,MOD2,MOD3,

11) With Full Fucntion Digital Rotary Encoder Support

12) User Changeable Welcome Display Name, 

13) User Changeble Source Name,

14) User Changeble Key Maping,


1) 24bit High Performance DAC

2) MP3 ,WAV , FLAC, WMA  Format Support Through USB,

3) USB File Name & Folder Name Scrolling Display 

4) USB Folder Next/PREV  Support 

5) USB Song Forward/Reverse Support


1) Bluetooth Protocol V4.0

2) High Performence Low Latency A2DP

3) Bluetooth MP3 , AAC, SBC Support

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