5.1 Channel REMOTE KIT

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 1) 6 channels independent electronic volume (0 to –99dB/1dBstep, –∞dB),

2) 6 channels independent gain control (0 to +14dB/ 2dB step),

3) Bass: –14 to + 14dB(2dB step),

4) Treble: –14 to + 14dB(2dB step)

5) 1 x 6Ch - DVD Input,

6) 3 x 2Ch - Stereo Inputs,

7) Built-in Cross-Over for Subwoofer Low Frequency Effects for All Inputs ,

8) Built-in Simulate Surround Sound,

12) With Full Fucntion Digital Rotary Encoder Support

15) Single Wire USB Board Control

16) Coaxial 1, Coaxial 2 , Optical 1 CD4052 Selector Output ( If you Want This Mode Connect JAMPER on KIT_SEL (This Mode Optional) 

Including Accessories :

1) 7pin Rmc Conncters x 3,

2) 2Pin Rmc Connectors x 1

3) Rotary Encoder With Connctor x 1,

4) FT017 Remote Control x 1

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